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Big Sean isn’t the only one. I’d be remiss not to mention Drake, who has a catalog of jerseys he wears in public appearances. cheap nhl jerseys.The man did, after all, have both Vince Carter’s and Tracy McGrady’s Raptors jerseys stitched into his sports jacket.DMV area artist Wale also sports a wide-range of NBA jerseys, as does West Coast rapper Curren$y. But aside from those special cases, few rappers or hip-hop icons pay homage to NBA greats anymore; it’s a trend that seems to have died with the times.Instead, rappers wear personalized jerseys with their own names etched on the back.2 Chainz wears a custom-made No. 2 Atlanta Hawks jersey, as does each of the members of Migos. Jay-Z wore a custom made No. 4 Brooklyn Nets jersey for opening night at Barclays Center — about five years ago. jerseys from china.Throwback NBA jerseys used to be as much of a staple in menswear as oversized white T-shirts were; you just had to have one, or some, to be in style.

After months of anticipation, the NHL and Adidas have finally released the new uniform jerseys each team will wear for the 2017-2018 season.cheap jerseys from china.Designed to be “lighter, cooler and stronger” the new jerseys feature Adidas branding and, according to the NHL, will be 19% lighter than the current sweaters. By and large there aren’t sweeping changes to most of the jerseys, just some tweaks here and there. There are a few teams, like the Minnesota Wild and Edmonton Oilers, who got a more dramatic change. custom baseball jerseys.Standouts include the throwback look for the Colorado Avs, as well as the new Las Vegas Golden Knights jersey.